January 2010

It has been a long time between updates. Apologies to those who looked in and didn't find up to date information.

For various reasons, no progress has been made regarding the Paso Horse Registry. However, there are moves to register pure and partbred Peruvian Pasos (Purebred horses through the Canadian Livestock Registry). For more information, please contact Sue. More information will be posted when available.

In the meantime, this website shall be updated if and when I have time, and it will contain information which hopefully will assist Paso breeders and aficionados. If you have info or photos, please email Chris. Please refer to our services page for more information.

Since the last update, more Paso foals have been born and several Pasos have been imported into Australia and NZ. Details will be added shortly. It is great to see a couple of new studs start up and new people getting involved with these wonderful horses. A Peruvian stallion was shown at Equitana in 2008, showcasing the breed to the public.


April 2007

The 2006/07 foaling season has been a busy one for Pasos in Australia, boosting the numbers of Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos and Paso Creoles. This is good to see as there is an increasing interest in the breeds.

In New Zealand, a purebred Peruvian filly was born and a filly is due to be imported from USA shortly.

Paso Central website finally goes live!


January 2006

Paso breeders report the arrival of several Paso foals during the spring/summer 2005. We are looking forward to more details.


February 2005

Meeting of the Paso Horse Registry of Australasia at Telopea Downs, Victoria. Several people attended the inaugural meeting. We also met for a social get-together and it was great to meet.

Present at the meeting:

Pam Hay, Sue MacIntyre, Christiane Yeardley, Greg Lehey, Yvonne Lehey, Jorge de Moya, Conchita de Moya, Fiona Mitchell


Bill Horley, Lee Nottle, David Yeardley, Elyane Brightlight



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