Paso Creole Horses

A Paso Creole horse is a horse with at least 50% Paso blood, either Peruvian Paso or Paso Fino or a cross between Peruvian Paso and a Paso Fino.

The type varies somewhat due to the fact that these horses may carry a portion (up to 50%) of non Paso blood. The goal is to breed a horse which is spanish in type, of medium size and good natural gait. The gait should fall in the middle of the spectrum, being neither pacey nor trotty, with moderate action and good overstep. The horse should have clean, sound legs, a well proportioned body and an attractive head upon a well set on neck.

Several horse breeds have been successfully crossed with Pasos. In Australia and New Zealand, these breeds have included American Saddlebred, Standardbred, Andalusian and Australian Stockhorse. There are also a number of Paso Fino x Peruvian Paso horses.

O Carmelita
Carmelita, yearlng filly (owner OliVaylle Pty Ltd)
Peruvian Paso x Standardbred

AuSome Mucho
AuSome Mucho, 4 year old gelding (owner D.Cox, VIC )
Paso Fino x Peruvian Paso



To obtain a well gaited Paso Creole, it is of advantage if the non-paso parent is also gaited, as not all Paso Creoles from a non-gaited parent appear to be well gaited. In many cases, the ability is there, but it needs some specialised training for the horse to understand what is wanted of him. We see second cross horses now with 75% Paso blood and observe a much higher proportion of well gaited offspring than in the first crosses.





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